Democratic National Convention
Day 4

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Bl(a)ck Tea Society Demo at Copley Square
March through downtown Boston to Fleet Center

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Convergence Center IMG_7667.JPG IMG_7724.JPG IMG_7674.JPG IMG_7735.JPG
IMG_7693.JPG IMG_7729.JPG IMG_7732.JPG IMG_7707.JPG IMG_7716.JPG
IMG_7763.JPG IMG_7688.JPG IMG_7703.JPG IMG_7776.JPG IMG_7785.JPG
IMG_7789.JPG IMG_7797.JPG IMG_7802.JPG IMG_7843.JPG IMG_7672.JPG
IMG_7777.JPG IMG_7794.JPG IMG_7808.JPG IMG_7809.JPG IMG_7815.JPG
IMG_7826.JPG IMG_7832.JPG IMG_7854.JPG IMG_7851.JPG Free Speech Zone
Inside Free Speech Zone IMG_7926.JPG IMG_7878.JPG IMG_7915.JPG IMG_7882.JPG

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