Israeli Memorials

October-December 2006

The plentiful memorials, mostly to those who lost their lives creating the Israeli state,
are sites for somber reflection by Jewish Israelis
and reminders to non-Jewish citizens that they don't count quite as much.

The Am Yisrael Hai graffiti in three of the later photos is also everywhere.
I was told they're a religous campaign,
but "The People of Israel Lives" was always a Zionist slogan as well.
Like the memorials, it warms the hearts of some,
and rubs in the faces of others that they're not particularly welcome.

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2004-05 Israel/Palestine Photos

Jerusalem Old City - 206 Jerusalem Old City - 27 Jerusalem Old City - 14 Memorial next to US Consulate - 2 Jerusalem Old City - 238
Palmach Memorial - 4 Palmach Memorial - 9 Neve Tzedek - 6 Dimona - 3 Dimona - 7
Dead Sea - 19 Kibbutz Tsora - 4  East Jerusalem Be'er Sheva - 96 Jerusalem Old City - 114
Jaffa - 185 Rabin Memorial Day

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