Sabeel Conference


October 26-27, 2007

The Sabeel Conference's focus was the relevance of apartheid terminology to Israel's occupation of Palestinian territory.
I attended, and described it a bit in this blog posting.

The first row of photos shows the conference gathering. Then Noam Chomsky and Desmond Tutu speak.
The exhibit by Boston Committee for Palestinian Rights includes several of my Israel/Palestine photos.

Before speaking at the conference, Jeff Halper, head of the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, wandered across the street to the counter-protestors organized by the Jewish Community Relations Council and other groups. Recognized by Hillel Stavis and other local Zionist organizers, he was glad to engage in discussion, but Stavis (with the video camera) and others mostly taunted and shook fingers. They seemed very smug.

After the conference ended Sunday afternoon, Desmond Tutu led attendees to Copley Square for a rally organized by Jewish Voice for Peace. Key organizer Marty Federman is pictured in both the first and last photos in this gallery.

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Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 03 Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 04 Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 01 Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 06 Old South Church - 18
Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 16 Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 20 BCPR Exhibit - 18 BCPR Exhibit - 08 Sabeel Conference, Old South Church - 13
Sabeel Counterprotest - 30 Sabeel Counterprotest - 39 Sabeel Counterprotest - 40 Sabeel Counterprotest - 06 Sabeel Counterprotest - 16
Sabeel Counterprotest - 18 Sabeel Counterprotest - 25 Sabeel Counterprotest - 53 Sabeel Counterprotest - 51 One-Staters Protest Sabeel - 2
Anti-Israeli Apartheid Demo - 04 Anti-Israeli Apartheid Demo - 05 Anti-Israeli Apartheid Demo - 09 Anti-Israeli Apartheid Demo - 12 Anti-Israeli Apartheid Demo - 14

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